Kogaion Tribe

“Kogaion Tribe” is a land-art deco team from Romania made up of three nature spirits: Vlad, Bogdan and Andrei, each of them coming from different regions of the country, experiencing different types of nature: from the plains of southern Romania to the Carpathian Mountains and all the way to the grassland hills of Transylvania. Bogdan started the project back in 2010, working together with occasional volunteers from festivals. Deciding it would be best to have a professional team that is familiar with working together, he formed Kogaion Tribe in the summer of 2012, as to be able to make bigger and more beautiful projects in lesser time.

Being defined as "land-art", the style itself has Mother Nature as its primary focus point. The only materials used are those found in the forests of the land and is very diverse every time, depending on what Gaia feels like sharing with us.

From wild Carpathian forests to wet German flatlands, raw material is made up from moss, tree-roots, stone, sand, pinecones and needles, mushrooms and pretty much everything imaginable and not. At times taking the shape of little wonder worlds, at others making up intricate geometrical designs, the Zen Gardens take you away on other planets and dimensions, mazes and secrets, sometimes discovering details only after a good fifteen minute stare at it.


For TC 2011 Kogaion Tribe made two miniature worlds inside the gallery of Looney Moon Visions. Both works were done in aprox. 3 days, sometimes nights, being only improvisations inspired by the pine forest rich with beautiful material.

In the picture above (right) you can see details like the bonzai tree made from pineroots and moss, as well as the small ladder (left) that gives the viewer a hint for the scale of the model.

Both Zen Gardens are about 6 square meters, each, with some structural design as to allow vertical constructions.

Detail of a volcano made for TC2012 consisting of burnt wood, tree bark and clay. During the night a candle and a piece of hot coal with resin are placed in the opening on top, giving the viewer the impression it is actually an active, smoking volcano.

Part of the mixing desk for the chill-out.

FREQS OF NATURE 2012 – Germany

For “Freqs Of Nature” festival held in the wet flatland of northern Germany, sacred geometry was the source of inspiration. Taking Metatron’s cube as the basis of the design, the project got bigger (about 50 square meters) and served as a brilliant place for meditation or just admiring nature in its purest form.

The center-piece consisted of a large, beautiful tree root cleaned, reconditioned and oiled for more vivid colors. The structure of the pyramid used chicken-wire to hold the 3point shape in place. Parts of it were cut out and spiked as to make the moss stick to it. The constructions withstood heavy rains and plum-sized hale with no damage at all.

Sand is used to level the ground and keep the moss wet underneath. Some areas are not to be seen and serve only as structure, while others display sand in two or more colours.

6 days of gathering material, 8 days of construction - about 3.5 tons of sand, 3 tons of rock, a lot of moss, pine cones, pine needles, roots and everything imaginable. The 6 circles represent the 6 chakras, the root chakra being the top left one (counting clockwise) ending with the pyramid as the crown chakra. With candles and torches lighting the garden at night, the place becomes mystical, gathering people around it and forming a “human fence” which protected it from silly people stumbling in the dark.

With the material that was left over, two more small gardens were made: one to host the well-known Alpha Centauri statue (Luke Brown) inside the art gallery of Looney Moon Visions, and the other one was a 2 day live-work improvisation during the festival, decorating the chill-out space.

OZORA 2012 – Hungary

After two spontaneous collaborations with Looney Moon Visions, august 2012 found Kogaion Tribe in Hungary setting up two small installations inside the art gallery. This time, though, material was really scarce – so improvisations had to be made. Gathering different types of rock, smashing them as to get finer texture, using gray sand, black earth and orange sawdust, the only few pieces of moss were used to make the place for Luke Brown’s statue once again. Three Datura plants symbolizing sacred knowledge were used to flank the statue, but unfortunately one did not withstand the intense heat of 40+ degrees. Constant watering and maintenance of the gardens were necessary.

Constant, searing heat allowed mostly working at night. Thus we formed a habit out of working in the dark, especially since it’s most quiet and allows perception shifting into the Zen-state the gardens require. This also makes tight deadlines more approachable, depending on the size of the project. Both gardens were done in about 4 days, counting 2 more for gathering the material which is really rare.

The second garden had a compass design, pointing accurately to the four corners of the world. The frame was made of metal, but clay had been molded squishy enough to allow total coverage, thus giving the impression it was really made out of earth. During the night, candles and a well hidden LED-light lighted up the place in a subtle but spectacular manor. Unfortunately, having no camera to take the pictures ourselves, we relied on other people and ended up with no pictures of the beautiful details that made up this garden.

We also offer construction projects of the same caliber: from festival infrastructure such as bridges, wooden constructions, all the way to whole-stage designs. Such projects have yet to be made, but having 5 years of experience in festival constructions should make things pretty easy.

The design of the gardens is always a subject of availability of the material. One needs to assess the surrounding nature and give a perspective of what is and what is not to be found in the area. If means of transportation for the material are provided (e.g. a car), it can be gathered as far as 10 kilometers away from the festival grounds.

“We grow by learning. We share to help raise awareness and consciousness. We experience in order to understand. We give not in order to receive, but out of what we are. We see beauty in everything around us. We breathe and listen to ourselves and our surroundings. We sharpen our senses, shift our perception, become one with all and we step inside The Garden ...”

Feel free to contact us at or find more, bigger pictures on

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