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Cluj-Napoca, RO
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Evergreen Crew







Gallyshay, few of the psychedelic trance djane acts from Transylvania, playing from progressive psytrance to the more night time strong dance floor oriented psychedelics.

After parties over the course of some years Gallyshay decided she too wanted to dj so she took advantage of the dj equipment at home and she began ‘bedroom djing’ and with growing experience Gallyshay finally made a big step and decided playing and sharing sounds with people at parties and festivals in 2010. Constantly practicing and improving her skills behind the decks. ” I am still practicing and will, `cause when you realize how much you`ve already learned, you also realize how much more still remains to be learned and acknowledged.”

She loves to share the magical and positive vibrations with others and constantly strives to channel strong positive vibes to the people on the dancefloor.

She has quite an electronic- tribal style, likes to play weird, uplifting, trippy, mind-melting nightpsy with strong basslines, or energetic, pounding sounds with powerful drives that make you jump out of your shoes, though you won’t notice as you’ll be too busy dancing like a maniac!

Her mixing philosophy is to create a continuous story with small twists and turns and her goal is to make people dance, smile and go crazy whilst showing them the beauty of the night.

Gallyshay is also part of the Evergreen Törpies crew.


Linkuri: Soundcloud Gallyshay