16 aprilie 2016 ☮ Full Spectrum - Outdoor Psychedelic Gathering ☮ @ Magic Location near Finta, DB

16 aprilie 2016 ☮ Full Spectrum - Outdoor Psychedelic Gathering ☮ @ Magic Location near Finta, DBFacebook event:


This time we invite you all to manifest in a pure way, to accept duality as it is. Open your heart to all the posibilities.

Alchemy of our multidimensional patterns.

Spring reveals regeneration, rejuvenation, rebirth. Bring your dreams, your hopes, your jokes, your deepest fears and emotions and dance them out on the ground. Triplets will certainly help you in an ancient, shamanic way. The triplet is the key structural foundation of the entire genetic helix. In music, the triplet represents something quite extraordinary — it represents the pure longing of life itself.

The musical triplet is always trying to transcend to another note, and in this sense it has the effect of leaving the human heart hanging in the air.

This is the longing to create more. Unlike duality, trinity is not a straight line — it doesn’t rest but repeats, always free and always fresh.

We will become one with the music of life and experience the entire spectrum of emotions from the Light to the darkest ones, without fear and without shame. This is the new music for humans and all beings — there are no paths to follow and no need for systems or structures to keep us safe. Those old ways are leaving the world. The new human being will no longer try to escape the pure longing of life within him or her. We will no longer fear true freedom because we will operate from an awareness that is beyond the mind and its concerns about the future.

Ultimate freedom has nothing to do with your life circumstances — it is the freedom of allowing the self to dissolve into the waves of the ocean. It is the freedom that is born through one’s absolute trust in life.

For your introspection, edification, amusement and dance:

► Oracol -
► Darkology -
► Planul -
► AlienTree -
► Ajna Vitamin -
► Brad -
► Alcalina -
► Atouck -

♒ Funktion One Soundsystem by Want Sound?

இ Deco by Nature's Art

☄ Special Visuals by Adistu

➰ Sharing Bar, Tea, Fruits and Goodies, donation based

Support: 30 RON. This is a co-created event so we really need your support for the artists, the soundsystem and logistics. Thank you!

๑ Let there be Dance! ๑

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