19-22 august 2016 Solar Seeds in Transylvania Part II - The Path to the Sacred Mountain @ Bekecs Teto, Silea-Nirajului, Mures, Romania

19-22 august 2016 Solar Seeds in Transylvania Part II - The Path to the Sacred Mountain @ Bekecs Teto, Silea-Nirajului, Mures, RomaniaFacebook event:


Life is an experience that is best defined as a journey...a journey that is meant to bring out our true essence, every step of the way. We learn and we grow together, sharing wisdom from one another with the singular purpose of UNIFICATION.
The story of "Solar Seeds" began in the amazing valley of "Valea", and the journey carries on at a higher altitude, towards the sacred mountain of "Bekecs", seeking deeper knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the world.
The energy all of you sent back to us at Solar Seeds in Transylvania gave us imense power and motivation, and we simply can't wait a full year for another mothership landing. :)

Dear Friends and Family ! With great love, we invite you to "Solar Seeds in Transylvania 2016 Part II : The Path to the Sacred Mountain" this summer in august ! Let's gather once again, in a new location, situated about 10 km from the old one, at an altitude of 1100m, in the forest, next to a beautiful lake from where you can have a view of Transylvania from above !
Line-up :

AUM - hi-tech LIVE (RO)
Azthura - progressive (RO)
Botond - progressive (HU)
Boomlin - hi-tech (RO)
Cheeky - progressive (HU)
CromoNova Picasso - old school goa (RO)
Dr. Bunny - chillout / ambient LIVE (HU)
Ejn Tarhen - forest (RO)
Febe - dark / forest (RO)
Fractaliceanu - forest / experimental (RO)
Logical Elements - chillout / ambient LIVE (RO)
Latam - psytrance (RO)
Miso - psytrance / goa (HU)
Mho - hi-tech (HU)
Nasca - dark (HU)
Oleg - psytrance / progressive (HU)
Option Zero - dark / hi-tech (RO)
Proton - forest (RO)
Shivay - chillout / ambient - LIVE (RO)
Syl - forest (RO)
Shuva - psytrance / dark (RO)
Sicra - chillout / ambient (RO)
Thal - psytrance / dark / ambient (RO)
Trip-X - hi-tech (HU)
Toge - psytrance (HU)
Ziazin - dark / hi-tech / morning in one 2,5 h set (RO)
Zenesis b2b Shuva - goa / nitzho-goa (RO)
Xyl vs Mho - psytrance (HU)

… and a few nice surprises to come !!!

In Silea Nirajului follow the signs and get to the SAFE HOUSE / INFO POINT !!!

On location :
- free camping
- free parking
- free water
- "Name Your Price" food/drink shop
- "Name Your Price" chai/coffe/tea house
- "Name Your Price" food shop by Crazy Dolphins
- "Name Your Price" vegan biscuits

- leather workshop by Invizible Bear
- photo workshop by Fekete Zsolt
- dj-ing workshop by Latam & Thal
- painting workshop
- slackline / yoga / massage by Gibbon Slacklines Hungary
- handmade jewelry by Henrietta
- dreamcacther & stringart by Henrietta
Chill-out Area in the forest
Healing Area - massage / reiki / yoga

Entrance fee:

Pentru cei care au bratara Solar Seeds sau S.U.N. pretul va fi "Name Your Price" - adica o donatie cu bun simt, iar pentru noi veniti pretul va fi de 22eu-100ron. Cei care nu au posibilitatea materiala, ii rugam sa ne contacteze, poate gasim o solutie ;-)

For You, who have a Solar Seeds or S.U.N. bracelet the ticket will be "Name Your Price" - wich means that nothing is for free - a common sense donation is expected ... for the new commers the price will be 22eu-100ron

More info TBA !

Peace & Love
Namaste !

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