19-21 iunie 2015 Solar Seeds in Transylvania

19-21 iunie 2015 Solar Seeds in TransylvaniaFacebook event:


A massive 3 days event in the beautiful green forest of Transylvania, presented by the Solar United Natives in cooperation of the PsyCrew from Romania.

19 – 21 June 2015

Location: First You need to arrive here ... ... and follow the indications / signs ;)
We wish You a good journey

Performing artists:
Try2fly (the official page) (BMSS / S.U.N. Festival) MKD
Vertex (TesseracTstudio / S.U.N. Festival) SRB
Aurafood (Ovnimoon Records) HUN
Snag The Sunshepherd (Y-Production) HUN
Parallel Dialog Live (Phoenix Groove Record) HUN
Merlin (Altar Records / S.U.N. Festival) SRB
Oleg (BMSS Records / S.U.N. Festival) HUN
Thal ( Psy Crew ) (PsyCrew) RO
DJ Syl (Bass Aliens / Transylvaliens Fest) RO
Psylev (Transylvaliens Fest) RO
MISO (Thermal Team) HU
Lygos (Transylvaliens) RO
Djane Turiya (MFG Tribe) RO
Hase (Transylvaliens) RO
DJ Latam (Thrancians / Spacesheep) RO
Logical Elements (D A-R-K / Ovnimoon / Hidra Beats) RO
ProtoN (Psykapnobatai) RO
Aum ॐ RO
Darkology (MfG Tribe)RO
Solar Kid ( TesseracTstudio )SRB
Reality Engine USA
VitalC GR

Free camping
Chill-out Area
Chai Shop / Coffe / Tea
Food Shop

Donation: from friday 70 ron
from saturday evening 50 ron

The gates will open friday morning

Please, please , please leave your dogs at home, because on the location there are a lot of local shepherd dogs .... Thank You


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