28-31 august 2014 Transylvaliens Festival 2014 @ Ludos, Sibiu, Romania

28-31 august 2014 Transylvaliens Festival 2014 @ Ludos, Sibiu, RomaniaFacebook event:


Transylvaliens Open Air Festival 2014 near Sibiu, Romania

The Transylvaliens Festival is more than an open-air gathering, it’s a space in which cultural diversity, modern art, music and future thinking can coexist in full harmony with the wonderful natural environment of Transylvania, the heart of the Carpathian Garden.

Transylvaliens Festival 2014 is the first edition of a series of yearly events which aim to bring together participants from all over the world in order to meet together and spend four days surrounded by a variety of modern and futuristic art forms (psychedelic trance music, visual art, paintings, theater shows and many more).

Line Up

The Hive

The Hive stage is a place where collective consciousness can evolve through the combination of music, dance, light and visuals.

Live sets

Artifact 303 (Suntrip Records/Romania)

ATMA (BMSS / Romania)

Cels Mimesis (Mimesis / Spain)

Electric Universe (Dacru Records / Germany)

Ephedrix (Dacru Records / Belgium)

Eleusyn (Joof Recordings/Romania)

E-Mantra (Suntrip Records/Romania)

JBC-Arkadii (Sita Records / Russia)

Siam (Geomagnetic/Timewarp Records/NeoGoa / Greece)

Elepsy (Nabi Records/Samana Records/Bani Records/Triptec Records / Romania)

Orbika (Romania)


The Hive deco art is provided by the Mimesis team (Spain).

DJ Sets

Alphatrance (Trancemigration productions / France)

Azthura (Romania)

Bahr Mimesis (Mimesis/ Spain)

Bodhi Sattiva (Romania)

César Mimesis (Mimesis / Connection Festival/ Spain)

Darkology (Romania)

Dopamine (MfG Tribe / Romania)

Febentropia (Psykapnobatai / Romania)

Gallyshay (Romania)

Hase (Transylvaliens / Romania)

Lord Flames (Suntrip Records / Spain)

Lygos (Transylvaliens / Romania)

Mawski (Transylvaliens / Romania)

Nechlar (Psykapnobatai / Romania)

Nude Dude (Transylvaliens / Romania)

Ondrej Psyla (Mystical Waves Records/Czech Republic)

Proton aka Logical Elements (Psykapnobatai / Ovnimoon Records/Astronautic Records/D-A-R-K Records / Romania)

Roua (Spacesheep / Romania)

Shivay (Quantum Soul / Romania)

Stoic (Insonitus Records/Padang Records / Romania)

Styx (Uroboros/Dreamtime / Romania)

Syl (Bass Aliens / Romania)

Ypsilon (Mystical Waves / Slovakia)

The Lair

The Lair is the place where you can rest and retreat to replenish your energies, a place where you can reconnect with your inner self and with the surrounding nature.

Live sets

Ancient Core (Astronautic Records / Romania)

AuroraX (Sonic Loom Music/Altar Records / Bulgaria)

Atati (Blue Hour Sounds / Ukraine)

A Walk in Town (Astronautic Records/DaP Station/Romania)

I.R.I.S (Bulgaria)

Logical Elements (Ovnimoon Records/Astronautic BMSS Records/D-A-R-K Records / Romania)

Reasonandu (Altar Records/Joof Recordings/Icarus Creations/Hado Records / Romania)

Saranankara (Romania)

Therapist (Altar Records/Canadal / Bulgaria)

DJ Sets

Amenflux (Transylvaliens / Romania)

Aici Acum (Romania)

Cosm (CMD / Romania)

Elemental Sounds (Kogaion Tribe/Astronautic Records / Romania)

Kapnobataii Kogaionului ( Psykapnobatai / Romania)

Fishimself (Ultimae Records / Greece)

Ghiauru (Romania)

DJ Latam (Thrancians / Romania)

Lifebloom (Romania)

MTB (Romania)

Necholaj (Psykapnobatai / Romania)

Nude Dude (Transylvaliens / Romania)

Planul (Romania)

Psyla in Waves (Mystical Waves / Czech Republic)

Shivay (Romania)

Deco Psykapnobatai & Colour Your Dreams in Purple



Anouki Art Flower Mandalas (Slovakia)

Divine Alignments (Romania)

Feel Dare Sing (Romania)

MagicInsights Healing Space (Romania)

Juggling Workshop with Raja (Romania)

Pionp Woodworks (Romania)


Performance Art

Raja ~ fire and light juggling (Romania)

More info coming soon!