13 februarie 2012 AmbientEssentials 02: OVERDER & PAVLOV @ Members Club, Cluj Napoca

AmbientEssentials 02 with OVERDER & PAVLOV

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Calea Turzii 18

Start 22:00

A collection of essential ambient albums of all time.
From space rock, new age, dub, tribal, experimental, psychedelic to modern day electronic ambient and psy chill.

Members Club Sessions 02 - 13.02.2013

An eclectic journey deep into the origins and evolutions of electronic ambient music.

In this edition ambient, IDM, psybient, psy chill, goa: The Higher Intelligence Agency, Sounds From The Ground, Soma, Air Liquide, Saafi Brothers, Total Eclipse, The Infinity Project, Loop Guru, Aural Planet, Celtic Cross, Makyo