[Best of] Ambient Essentials 020 Samsara Sessions

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An eclectic journey deep into the origins and evolutions of electronic ambient

Samsara Sessions 020 presented by Overder

Editia cu numarul 20 este o editie speciala, marcheaza sfaristul unei perioade de 20 de ani. Este cea mai importanta perioada din istoria muzicii ambient electronic, perioada in care s-a experimentat, s-au cristalizat directii, s-au creat curente, s-au facut fuziuni intre rock (space rock, kraut rock), muzica etnica si tribala, noile sunete electronice, raggae si dub, muzica gothica si emb si muzica simfonica.

In aceasta editie vom face o retrospectiva a celor mai importante albume din aceasta perioada si vom asculta piesele cele mai interesante.

Vom relua emisiunea din toamna la Samsara, cand vom incepe o noua perioada, marcata de aparita in 1990 albumului Chillout de la KLF, care practic da numele curentului arhicunoscut azi.

Cateva date statistice despre Ambient Essentials, sezonul 1:

19 editii pe parcusul a 5 luni
Perioada acoperita: 20 ani (1969-1989)
Albume audiate: 183
Artisti: 119
Total piese: 1418
Total ore: 156


This edition with the number 20 is a special one, it marks the end of a period of 20 years. It is the most important period in the history of electronic ambient music, experiments were made, crystallized directions, new currents were created, there have been fusions between rock (space rock, Kraut rock), ethnic and tribal music, new electronic sounds, raggae and dub, gothic & ebm and symphonic music.

In this edition we take a retrospective of the most important albums of this period and will listen to most interesting traks.

We will resume this show in the fall at Samsara, when we begin a new period marked by KLF's Chillout album appeared in 1990, which basically gives the current name well-known today.

Some statistics about Ambient Essentials, season 1:

19 editions over the course of five months
Period covered: 20 years (1969-1989)
Heard albums: 183
Artists: 119
Total songs: 1418
Total hours: 156

Let's get deep togheter ;)