23 - 26 iunie 2016 Sumiruna Awakenings @ Caro Hotel, Bucharest

23 = 26 iunie 2016 Sumiruna Awakenings @ Caro Hotel, BucharestFacebook event:


The world is changing and there is a rapidly growing awareness of the role that expanded states of consciousness, and visionary art play in the transformation of human and planetary awareness.
Sumiruna Awakenings Conference will bring together some of the world’s leading authors, visionaries, artists, researchers to Romania on the 23rd – 26th of June to share the latest research and techniques for exploring consciousness.
We see this as a communal gathering for those who share an interest in the growing emergence of a new consciousness, and an awareness of the role that Entheogenic Plants, Sacred Sound, Ecstatic Dance, Traditional wisdom, and Visionary Art play in this personal and collective awakening.

Dedicated to the visionary wisdom and art of Pablo Amaringo, the Sumiruna Conference will encompass workshops, presentations, talks, interactive Q&A sessions and visionary art exhibitions from:
Graham Hancock
Dennis McKenna
Jeremy Narby
Jan Kounen
C. Michael Smith
Richard Grossman
David Slocum Hewson
Nana Nauwald
Helena Barquilla
Alfredo Zagaceta
Moises Llerena

Tickets for the conference are available on our website:

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We invite you to explore, discover and participate in the emergence of a new consciousness this summer in Bucharest, Romania, joining the first conference on expanded consciousness in Eastern Europe.

Sumiruna Awakenings
23-26 June 2016


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