eleMental Sounds

Gen: Psychill / Ambient / Dark Psy
Alias: eleMental Sounds
Locatie: Medias, RO
An inceput: 2008






eleMental (real name Bogdan Teodorescu, Romania) is a Spirit of Nature, born on the 5th of september under a double-earth sign, Virgo and Taurus. Helping Divine take shape into 3D, he designs magic little places which he calls "ZEN GARDENS".

Being defined as "land-art", the style itself has Mother Nature as its primary focus point. The only materials used are those found in the forests of the land and is very diverse every time, depending on what Gaia feels like sharing with us. From wild carpathian forests to wet german flatlands, raw material is made up from moss, tree-roots, stone, sand, pinecones and needles, mushrooms and pretty much everything imaginable and not

At times taking the shape of little wonderworlds, at others making up intricate geometrical designs, the Zen Gardens take you away on other planets and dimensions, mazes and secrets, sometimes discovering details only after a good fifteen minute stare at it.

We grow by learning. We share to help raise awareness and consciousness. We experience in order to understand. We give not in order to recieve, but out of what we are. We see beauty in everything around us. We breathe and listen to ourselves and our surroundings. We sharpen our senss, shift our percepetion, become one with all and we step inside The Garden ...

Combining the visual with the smell and SOUND to reach transcending synesthesia, the project also offers beautiful organic psychill music, ranging from deep earthy tunes to astral ambient soundscapes. His sets will help your grounding energies and aid your connections to Mother Earth, reaching new levels of consciousness.


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psychill, ambiental, dark-psy