Gen: Nightpsytrance / Psychedelic Chillout
Locatie: Cluj-Napoca, RO
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LOVE AND BE LOVED!!! COOPER / MIHAI SEBASTIAN CADAR is from Cluj/Transylvania (RO). Since Mihai was born in 1976, different forms of art “invaded” his veins, his father being a jazz-rock musician and composer, grandfather – trumpet player and to make it short, the music has been flowing in this family for years. Living for almost 11 years in Denmark, Mihai got hooked on the goa trance vibe in ‘95. Started to mix as a dj in 1998 (goatrance & acid trance) under the name MIKE, while creating his underground party label - COSMIC PLASMA. In 2001 he returned to his native roots, Cluj/Transylvania-Romania and started making psy-parties and also dj-ing at different events as Cooper. Mihai (happily) shared stage and played with lots of local / international artists and djs. Mihai played in Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Romania & Ukraine attending parties & festivals like; COSMIC PLASMA, FULL PLASMA, SOLID SESSIONS, PSYTRANCE EVOLUTION, NAMASKAR, ALPHA WAVE, TRANSYLVANIA CALLING-2007, MUUUVI FESTIVAL (2007, 2009), ROSIA MONTANA 2007, OZORA Afterparty 2008, Psynergic Tribe parties, Rebirth 2010, Return To Goa 2010, TransCarpathiarts 2010, Funny Moon 2010 & PSYBABA REC. parties. Mihai’s psychedelic life-ride is streaming on…

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Skype: dj_cooper1