Forest psy

Forest psyForest inseamna padure si, desi sunt alte multe genuri muzicale cu trimitere sau inspiratie din sunetele padurii, este interesant cum s-a dezvoltat un subgen (deocamdata) muzical cu acest nume doar in scena psihedelica, mai exact dark psy.

Acest sound mai degraba, decat un gen muzical, a aparut in ultimi ani la partyurile si festivalurile de psytrance, in special cele outdoor, insa deocamdata sunt relativ putin producatori si cunoscatori ai elementelor specifice.

Multi ii spun forest psy, altii dark forest, altii simplu forest si este in general ceva mai scazut in tempo decat alte tipuri de dark psy, undeva la 140-155 BPM. Un sound organic, complex, care exprima abisul intunecat al padurii, stilul forest psy poate fi considerat o extensie a stilului dark psy care este greu de descris in termeni foarte exacti. Forest psy are o vibratie specifica in stransa legatura cu natura si padurea, pe care vei invata sa o recunosti in timp.


Cateva nume notabile de producatori de forest psy sunt: Atriohm, Derango, Megalopsy, Krussedull, Orestis, Overdream, Saikozaurus, Fragletrollet, Encephalopaticys, Aegolius, Purosurpo.

Case de discuri axate in principal pe forest psy: Sonic Chakras, Real Vision

Unu dintre primele party-uri dedicate forest psy din Romania va avea loc pe 6 aprilie 2013 la Brasov:

6 aprilie 2013 DEEP TREEP @ Controller, Brasov cu Aegolius, TransHumantza, eleMental, Buluk Etznab, Cosm

Mixuri de forest psy:

Rektor fraktalius - naraka 2012 by forestpsy




Interviu Aegolius pentru - 6 aprilie 2013


Psyonic: Where is your name coming from?

Aegolius: In latin, Aegolius means owl. Making night forest music, owl fits in the full story.

P: Since when did you start producing music?

A: 5 years ago started. Got me curious trying to make the sound that I've been listening for. My cousin was working on Fruity Loops7 and I started to work for myself on it!

P: What's your sound like?

A: My music is an inspiration of nature with deep rolling basslines, wierd effects, deep atmospheres and all together, mixed with organic feeling.

P: Do you have some names that inspired you in your music?

A: There were many names around the time I've been developing my style. In the beginning I was listening to Man With No Name, MFG and sounds like that. In time I wanted some deeper and twisted sound and I was listening to artists like Terminator, Freaking, Kindzadza, Derango and many like them.

P: What you think about the evolution of forest sound? How do you see it in the future?

A: I think the music have a nice future maybe it needs more unique sounds, but for sure its going in upper way and it developes more and more.

P: Did you heard about Romanian psy scene?

A: I've heard about Transylvania Calling and Re:Birth festivals, some friends were playing there and came up with a good words. I'm looking forward for the party tonight in Brasov.

P: A word for Romania and Psyonic!?

A: Bambole


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