Ancient Core

Ancient Core

Gen: Ambient / Down-tempo / Psychedelic / Psydub / Psychill
Cluj-Napoca, RO
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Mihai Cadar and Alex Bodochi, 2 young talented musicians from Cluj/Transylvania/Romania, created in 2008 Ancient Core -- a psychedelic chillout project.

Weaving modern musical technics, sounds and psychedelic effects with an artistic vision impregnated by ancient Transylvanian folklore, letting their most inner feelings trace the path to follow....this is in some words Ancient Core's musical contour.

Music takes shape from the magical world of Transylvania with its archaic landscapes, from wild nature, people, LOVE and everything that is positively out-of-space in this Universe...these are the inspiration sources for Ancient Core's music bringing together Life, Joy, Freedom, LOVE, Tradition and a feeling of a mountain river flow .......sometimes clear and joyful....sometimes deep, whirling  and more melancholic...but always flowing....happy to embrace and absorb the majestic beauty of this unique life travel.

As a musical expression manner, Ancient Core is a blend of rich life experiences from which ideas and new musical textures are born.

"This project is about the joy of music creation & sharing the vibe. We are 2 enthusiastic “siblings”, resonating many times on the same frequency, playing with sound textures & grooves. We aspire to become stronger, although we are fragile, we want to grow up wisely, maintaining a childish innocence as intact as possible"

And so, Ancient Core manages to explore an undisclosed musical treasure, to integrate specific Transylvanian ethnic sounds & stories into psychedelic chillout...

Music is an open gate to temporal and spiritual dimensions, a gate thru which Ancient Core invites us, to step towards our journeys to infinity.


Mihai-Sebastian Cadar studied classical ballet and piano for 4 years in Romania and then, in 1990, moved to Denmark at 13 years old to be with his father... After some years of re-programming soul & mind in a different country, music came back into his life through different channels - dancing, singing…

He got acquainted to electronic music at 15 years old, listening and enjoying Prodigy, Faithless, Josh Wink, Underworld and so on, and in ’95, got seriously hooked on goatrance, in Aalborg, DK...

After three years of electronic infusion, started dj-ing first two years under the name “Mike” and then changed to “Cooper”

Trance & goa trance were resonating intensely with Mihai, which later led to establishing a label party (Cosmic Plasma) and organizing parties in Denmark...soon, the mood morphed into psytrance, discovering new realms and braking barriers.

The music creation started in 2002, playing/experimenting with Reason, Fruityloops & Buzz.

“Djing electronic music started in 1998, Denmark, made a few parties there, sharing stage with artists like Beat Bizarre, Mino and others. Since then, I played as Cooper or Ancient Core at parties & festivals in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Ukraine and had the amazing experiences of playing at Ozora Festival (3 times) Funny Moon Festival, Rebirth, Return To Goa, Transylvania Calling, TranceCarpathiArts – 10 years festival, Spirit Base, Waha and more.”

Alexandru-Marius Bodochi (Agni) started playing drums since he was 14 years old. He played with several local bands and studied drum course with one of the leading drummers from Romania - Adi Tetrade.

Got into electronic music 2003, finding it more appropriate, as a way of a wider musical expression. Soon after, he began approaching drums & percussion's, incl. traditional instruments such as darbouka & djembe, more from a musical perspective, pattern & texture wise.

D’n’b/breakbeat/dub were the main genres that shaped his musical orientation.

Alex took part in many electronic music events playing live (percussion's) with different artists/djs, but  he started creating his own music since 2005.


In 2008 Mihai & Alex meet in hometown Cluj, Transylvania region, Romania.

Both coming from artistic family's ( Alex parents are actors, Mihai's father is a musician/composer of jazz-rock) they discovered common passions; electronic music, traveling, nature, martial arts, vegetarian food and much more.....

Ancient Core psychedelic chill out project is born and the 2 young musicians start producing electronic music;

the live sets includes acoustic & electronic elements. Alex plays a set of electronic drums, darbouka, congas & shaker... Mihai plays keyboards, using different musical electronic gadgets and a Mac.

In 2009, they created the first track, "Earth Spirit Awakening", which brought good motivation and won  2nd place @ the 4th  Mushroom Producer's Contest - chill out section, organized by Mushroom Magazine, Germany.

Ancient Core participates with live acts & dj sets at various events.. some of them are:

Muuuvi International Short Film Festival -  Lazarea Castle Romania

Ozora Festival - Hungary

Psybaba Records-Label party, Budapest, Hungary

Cosmic Dream - open air party, Cluj , Romania.

Later in 2009, personal reasons led the 2 artists to separate. Over the period of 2009--2012  Ancient Core participates at many events, being represented only by Mihai. Some of these events are:

·   Ozora Festival, Hungary, 2009, 2010, 2011

·   Funny Moon Festival, Cehia, 2010

·   Rebirth Festival, Romania, 2010, 2011

·   Return to Goa Festival, Romania, 2010

·   Transylvania Calling Festival, Romania 2011, 2012

·   Mama Natura open-air, Romania, 2011

·   Samsara chillout tea house Cluj - a few apereances

·   Animasphera, Bucuresti, 2011

·   Birthadelic, Sibiu, 2010,,2011

·   Spirit Base Festival, Austria, 2011, Hungary 2012

·   Announcers of Solstice, open air, Brasov, Romania,  2011

·   TransCarpathiArts Festival, Ukraina, 2010, 2012


·   EP- “Between Multiple Dimensions” (Synergetic Records, June 2011)

·   VA-Mysterious Nights V.2 - “Psychedelic Echosystem” & “Closer To A   Beacon Of Hope” (Astronautic Records, May 2011)

·   EP- “Ancient Seeds Of Awareness” (Astronautic Records, April 2012)

·   VA-A Conversation Between Two Trees - “Agni vs. Ancient Core - all possible circumstances” (Critical Beats Records, 2011 - charity release event)

·   VA-Freaky Shamanic Rituals - “shamanic epilogue” (Nabi Records, 2012 - , charity release event)

In 2012, the 2 artists reunite, revitalizing the project, Alex graduating Sound Engineering course - SAE Institute Amsterdam & Mihai enriches his musical knowledge - studying  piano/composition/improvisation with Professor Daniel Constantinescu.


· Waha festival Romania - Ancient Core live act & dj set + Chill out stage managers  - (sound engineering by Alex)

· Samsara chillout tea house, Cluj, Romania


Starting this year, the guys spend most of their time @ Ancient Core’s home studio, working intensively, giving birth to some tracks that are released, or will be released in the near future on different compilations/ep.

Summer festival season is also very near; this calls for rehearsals and preparation of the live act. Some bookings already confirmed are:


Waha Festival, RO (LIVE & dj set), 18 - 21 July 2013, http://2012.

S.U.N. Festival, HU, 24 - 28 July 2013 - a very special LIVE act, performing with Alpha (bass) & Atati (percussions)

Summer Never Ends, CH (LIVE), 01 - 08 August 2013,

Transylvania Calling, RO (LIVE), 19 - 26 August 2013,


In March 2013, Agni & Ancient Core releases the track "All possible circumstances" - Random Records

Soon to be released, a first compilation done by Ancient Core, a free digital album that will be released under Canadian label - Astronautic Records - "VA-Ancestral Lullabies". Ancient Core contributes with the track "Voices of Cetus" and an Agni track featuring Cosmic Plasma (a possible future project by Mihai) "Ganges Dream”.. the compilation is to be released in May 2013.

Ancient Core has performed also together with different artists on stage, like Alpha (Andre Szigety), Ati de Chile, Atati & Caban.






Skype: dj_cooper1