Anatoxine Dust

Anatoxine Dust

Full On Psytrance
Locatie: Iasi, RO
An inceput: 2010





Anatoxine Dust started his journey through music at the age of 12 when he discovered rave and techno artists such as Scooter, Dune, Members of Mayday, Antiloop, BT, etc.

With the thought of doing more than just listening the music, after 2 years when he got his first computer started playing with Fruity Loops 3 where he made the first sounds of Goa and Drum&Bass.

Later on, interested in DJ'ing too, played under the name of Skyline at some local psy trance partyes in Iasi among several local and guest dj's, also at the Rebirth anual psyfest, Wind session.

Inspired by many names in the psychedelic scene, now he's focusing on music production and other sound related projects; in the near future hoping to perform some live sets.

Linkuri: Soundcloud Anatoxine Dust